From Gift Getter to Giver

Admittedly, I started a Toastmasters club to provide a low-cost professional development option to myself and fellow employees of a bootstrapped startup. It was transactional. I was giving time and energy to get something in return. Not a gift, although I thought it was.

When I left that startup, it was temping to part ways with the Toastmasters club since I was no longer working in the area. What kept me going was seeing how members were embracing what I had created and the club continued to thrive. I kept doing it for the return, though. Still not truly giving a gift without expectation of receiving.

As I write my 10th speech, I have a unique opportunity to truly give. I can “leave it all on the field” even though it’s not required. I can deliver a speech that compels the audience to pay it forward.



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