Tripping Over the Blue Line

It’s a running joke that I used to trip over the blue line when playing ice hockey growing up.

For you non-hockey fans, the ice surface is completely flat. The blue line is marked under the ice, so tripping over it is all in your head.

For an entire season, I tripped over this line frequently. Even after that I’d still trip over it now and again.

I still don’t know what got into me that season, but I mentally got in my own way to the point that it was obvious to everyone around.

Hockey is a sport that came naturally to me. I didn’t have to consciously think much when in the middle of a play – I just knew what to do and acted. That is until I started thinking about it too much.

Striking balance between consciously thinking about what I’m doing and not having to think too much about it is the goal with anything now.

I picked up hockey again for four years as an adult and made it a point to just play for fun. Can’t remember a single time during that period that I tripped over the blue line.


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