In Profit We Trust

Steve Albini was on Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown covering Chicago recently.

Steve’s perspective on business and capitalism is intriguing to say the least.

“Like a bakery opens because a guy wants to make bread. A tavern opens because a guy wants to serve beer to people. That’s why people start businesses. It’s because they want to do something with their time. They want that enterprise to be how they spend their days. But from an academic standpoint or from an analytical standpoint or from the standpoint of publicly held companies and investment class and everything, the reason the company started is meaningless. All they want to know is the share price going up. And for people like me that seems insane.” -Steve Albini

What if we removed the constraint of having to make a continually growing profit? How would that impact your business and your work?

Not that making a profit is a bad thing. Maybe it’s the obsession or need to continually make more of a profit that’s toxic.


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